Our Story

Aleksei Petrov founded Gamma Math Tutoring in June 2020 with three things: a bedroom, a laptop, and a goal to inspire and help others through the journey of math. Today, Gamma Math Tutoring is a private tutoring service with a growing following. 

Our Team

Aleksei Petrov


I am the founder and owner of Gamma Math Tutoring. Since early childhood, I had a passion for logical thinking, problem solving, and mathematical skills. Having taught my first class at age 11, I always love sharing knowledge with others and seeing them excel. Throughout the years, I have instructed students of various levels, from first grade math all the way to Calculus and Post-Graduate exam math. My goal is for students to develop confidence and take away useful tools from our lessons and use them in life, whether it be in math or in personal character development. I want to ease the pain of those who take math. I found a particular role I am passionate in, which is helping those students who have different ambitions that are not math related. I have also prepared students for various exams and competitions including HESI, AMC 8 and 10, STAAR, and more.

Caleb Calhoun


I like teaching because it is one of the most valuable things a person can offer and I value the communicative skills required to be a teacher. My entire life I have been the type of student to help my classmates with their work if they asked. Rather than give them answers I would help guide them towards the correct methods of solving problems. This has given me a lot of experience in teaching.

My passion for this field comes from my time in school. I realized the best teachers did 1 or 2 important things: they infused their passion into the lessons, and/or they made the lessons entertaining and intriguing. I think knowledge can be more valuable if given in digestible formats, so that is my goal.

I graduated high school with a 3.75 GPA and a 4.61 weighted GPA with 30 college credits.

Up until my last semester at UNT in which I garnered a 3.9 gpa, every semester before that I had a 4.0.

Georgiy Pitman


Hello. My name is Georgiy (George). I have lived in Texas for the past 4 years. I am a SAS programmer by trade (17 years ) and a math tutor by heart. Two of my three degrees are in Mathematics, while the third one is in Biostatistics. Throughout my academic years and well after I have tutored high school and college students in various math courses from pre-calculus all the way through PhD-level estimation theory and hypothesis testing. I look forward to being your tutor!

Daniel Lau


Daniel Lau is the first instructor of Gamma Math Tutoring and is also a student at the University of Texas at Dallas majoring in Data Science. Having a background with real-estate property taxes and many complex math courses up to advanced calculus and statistics, Daniel is a core pillar of our team. Since 2022, he has worked with Gamma Math Tutoring, enabling many students to achieve confidence in math. He took great care of each student, focusing his efforts on their precise needs, and teaching them tricks and efficient ways of problem solving. He said, "having good teachers when learning math made all the difference for me so I want to do the same for other students now!" Daniel is proud to be part of our team and is currently pursuing his endeavors in a data science career at the same time.

Our Values


Confidence Beyond Math

We believe all students should achieve confidence in math. Confidence transcends into character, which helps motivate further learning and eliminate fear when learning new concepts.


The Worst can be the Best

There is no such thing as a "lost cause." All students should have a chance at success, even those at rock bottom. Whenever those students at rock bottom unlock their potential, that is an exciting moment. The worst students also teach us the best lessons; they teach us how to optimize the learning experience for future students.



 The best friends stick around even in times of struggle, and we would like to do the same for you. We believe tutoring should be more than just teaching. It should leave a lasting impact, as we are really here to make your ultimate long-term career dreams come true in the midst of lost hope.















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